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A 6th-12th grade gathering to go deeper into different topics on Christian life.

Large Group gathering of 6th-12th grade. A fun night filled with games, worship and biblical teaching that challenges students to live biblically and missionally, and grade specific small group time.

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Join the Berean Students Team! We have the opportunity to partner with parents to make disciples as we serve alongside each other teaching the Word, worshipping our Lord through song and prayer, and investing the time we are given for His Kingdom.

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What to expect as Parents

We believe that the biblical command to make disciples is given primarily to the parents. Parents are train up a child and bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, making parents the primary disciple maker. We are to come alongside parents in this calling affirming, encouraging, and helping the biblical teachings done in the home.We understand that this world is broken with sin and not every family has a biblical family structure. We are called to come alongside pursing the calling and mission to every family that is the church.Expect us to not usurp your position and calling as parents but to be a help in disciple making.

What to expect as Students

Every student is called to follow and obey God and honor and obey their parents. We are to come alongside parents in the home to help make disciples.Expect us to teach and preach God’s Word. We will be using God’s Word to guide us to lead you to obedience to God.

What to expect as Graduates

Even though a graduate has departed from the student stage of life, the graduate has not departed from the Church. Every graduate is a part of the body of our Lord, Christ Jesus. Our hope is to help train you in the student ministry before you graduate to continue your obedience to God in your young adult age and beyond.Expect us to guide you to adult ministries, encouraging, admonishing, and challenging you as the church.

What to expect as Student Leaders

As ministry leaders we are called to not usurping the position of parents, but to come alongside them making disciples.Expect us to keep each other accountable to the standards of biblical leaders as we help families pursue the calling and mission of life.

What to expect as Our Community

As the community, you can expect us to unashamedly preach and teach the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.